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Corporate Financing

Investment Banking Services — We Can Raise the Funds Your Firm Needs Whether you´re looking for $500,000 or $50 million, we can raise the financing your firm needs to fulfill its vision. We specialize in Private Investments in Public Equity (“PIPE”s), whether equity or convertible debt, and also often undertake projects to help finance private ventures that have positive cash flow and/or suitable collateral to secure financing. Palladium acts exclusively in an agency capacity in these transactions under the exemptions of Regulation D.


Case Study #1: €6.00M Financing for Keyware Technologies (EURONEXT Brussels : KEYW)
Case Study #2: $7.75M Financing for Protein Polymer Technologies (PIPE for public biotech company)
Case Study #3: $2.45M Financing for The Tube Media Corp. (PIPE for public entertainment company)
Case Study #4: $550K Financing for Aprecia, Inc. (Seed round for private security company)


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Investment Banking Testimonials

Palladium delivered on every promise with unmatched alacrity and professionalism. We will definitely return to them for our future financing needs.
–Isidore Sobkowski, Chief Executive Officer, Aprecia, Inc.
It took less than a week from when we first approached Palladium Capital Advisors until they had completed our round of financing. We will certainly turn to them for our future financing needs.
–Lori A. Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Analytical Surveys, Inc.
The Team at Palladium has given us ongoing valuable counsel and support before, during, and long after our transaction. We hope that our relationship will be an ongoing one.
–Keith Tanaka, Chief Financial Officer, Conspiracy Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
It was a pleasure working with Palladium. The Tube Media Corp. is extremely fortunate to gain the support of the investors Palladium brought to this financing.
–David Levy, Chief Executive Officer, The Tube Media Corp.

Contact for more information:
Michael Hartstein
Director, Investment Banking
(212) 730-7873